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A successful project is best achieved through a collaborative design process between the owner and designer. Getting to know the client is the first step of the design process. I enjoy sitting down and listening to all of your needs and ideas and helping you visualize your possibilities via sketchbook until we achieve the best solution for you. I will always be at your call during the whole process and will be glad to provide you with any material or color samples, example photos or any information that may help you along the way.


There are many upsides to the reclamation process. Not only does it pay homage to those souls who tirelessly worked the materials by hand years ago, but it also lends a timeless beauty to any space fortunate enough to be graced with it. Wood is like wine, as in it gets better with age when properly cared for. The old virgin timber from this area is incomparably denser, stronger and more durable than any woods you can find locally today. Their vibrant colors have matured and darkened over time and literally burst out when its weathered, grey coat is parted. These colors, along with a well earned patina of nail holes and old violent saw marks give an unparalleled look to furniture and architectural elements.

At Bonehead Structure, I personally find and reclaim all the lumber used on my projects. I enjoy knowing its story and where it came from, and it also allows me to be very selective during material sourcing. Keeping my own inventory also eliminates the need for a supplier and allows me to offer better prices to my clients.

The reclamation process starts with hunting down and acquiring a donor structure, often an old barn or forgotten farmhouse, and then carefully disassembling it and hauling its pieces home. Once all the lumber is back at the shop, it is carefully de-nailed, sorted, treated, and stacked in dry storage. Per project, each board is carefully picked out with it's future purpose in mind. Straightness, grain direction, thickness, color, patina... these are just a few of the criteria that play into the board selection process. I take a hybrid approach on construction that consists of contemporary technologies meshed with proven traditional methods of joinery and carpentry. I find this yields the most relevant, efficient and quality product possible.


Concrete is an extraordinary material that is practical, expressive, and aesthetic all at once. From a primal and formless slurry, you can transform concrete into virtually any shape that becomes a solid mass. The possibilities for color, form, features, and finish are endless. Concrete has substance and mass, permanence and warmth. It feels earthy, and is at home in both traditional and modern settings. Because of its adaptability, concrete finds itself welcome in all areas of the home, especially in the kitchen and bath, but also in fireplaces, patios, garden paths, or water features. - Fu-Tung Cheng

Concrete is one of my favorite design mediums to work with. A completed countertop project can be breathtaking. There's just something about it being mixed, sculpted and finished by hand that brings an added warmth to a home.

I begin with a visit to take measurements and templates from the project site, and then build forms from those measurements at my shop where all pouring and finishing is done. Each project requires its own tailored batch of concrete depending on the options that are chosen by you. I have trialed many mixtures and methods over the years and have come up with my own signature process that yields an unparalleled finished product.